Qld govt hails ID scanners a success

The introduction of ID scanners at nightlife hot spots across Queensland has been hailed a success following the first night of operation.


Almost 90,000 partygoers had their details recorded at 180 venues in 15 precincts across the state on Saturday.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said only seven people unsuccessfully tried to breach a banning order, while police issued another 35.

“Those 35 banning notices would’ve been showing up on every ID scanner system in a licensed venue across the state, within those safe night precincts, within an hour,” she said on Sunday.

Those revellers were based in Rockhampton, the Gold Coast and Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

Ms D’Ath said there were also no sexual assaults and just three assaults recorded in those areas.

“This is significantly down from previous numbers,” she said.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Brent Carter said the number of people arrested for drunken offences was just 50.

“It’s a real change in behaviour,” he said on Sunday.

“Based on last night I have a great deal of confidence we’re going to see a good reduction in violence.

“We’ve now got a measure where people can’t just go back into venues when they’ve been banned.”

Ms D’Ath said it was “no secret” some venues would have preferred not to have had the ID scanners installed, but she was pleased all but two operators in the 15 precincts had decided to sign up.

She said they would have the opportunity to sign up at a later date, as would any other venue across Queensland.

While there were some complaints about long lines outside pubs and clubs, Ms D’Ath said that was largely due to staff familiarising themselves with the system.